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Now Leasing Artfully Designed Studio, 1-, 2-, and 3-Bedroom Residences

a day in the life at Chelsea Canvas

6:00 AM

a serene start

Welcome to Chelsea Canvas, where sophistication graces every residence. From mindfully designed studios to expansive three-bedroom residences, begin each day in our artfully crafted spaces featuring contemporary elements and exquisite finishes.

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    8:00 AM

    where wellness thrives

    Unleash your potential with your
    personal trainer in the top-of-the-line fitness center, designed with your wellbeing in mind. 

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      10:00 AM

      be social, be productive,
      be at ease 

      Spacious and thoughtfully appointed, the multi-purpose club lounge is a space for business, pleasure, and everything in between.

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        2:00 PM

        the cachet of

        Catch the latest art exhibit, peruse boutiques, and recharge with a nourishing lunch. Here, world-class destinations are effortlessly within reach.

          discover CHELSEA

          a moment to feel centered

          In a city that never slows, you can find peaceful
          atmospheres and natural rejuvenation at Chelsea Canvas, where breathtaking city views are your backdrop.

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          8:00 PM

          a captivating
          culinary scene

          Choose from Chelsea’s rich restaurant scene for a delectable dinner. From longstanding
          establishments to up-and-coming standouts, your culinary adventure begins here.

            discover CHELSEA

            10:00 PM

            A Restorative

            Conclude your day with a moment of breathtaking beauty on our outdoor terrace.  Experience the exceptional, every day at Chelsea Canvas.

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